Against Extremist Violence at home

Thousands of people have died in Australia in the past 12 months as a result of extremist violence. They were ruthlessly slaughtered because of an insidious ideology that encourages its followers to see themselves as more human than their victims. Like so many extremists around the world and throughout history, the malicious, militant crusaders responsible for these deaths are prepared to redefine some sections of society as “subhuman”; blame them for perceived problems they apparently cause; and promote their destruction as an acceptable part of advancing their ideological cause and achieving their ultimate goals.

While many western nations retain their smug sense of moral superiority for not stooping to the depraved lows of the Nazi regime – while waging wars against the religiously fanatical enemies of humanity and exterminators of vulnerable minorities and dissident voices in the Middle East – they ignore the bloody barbarism being carried on in secret at home.

The killing of defenseless, unborn children by extreme feminists, sexual revolutionaries and Doctors-without-Ethics should disturb and outrage us in much the same way that the dehumanising and extermination of Jews, Romani, homosexuals in the Third Reich and the same treatment of ethnic and religious minorities in Iraq and Syria has for so many.

An ideology that knowingly promotes the destruction of innocent human life is evil and must be rejected outright.
An ideology that elevates the rights and personhood of some members of the human race to such heights and denigrates those of others to such lows that it entitles and empowers the former group to exercise godlike powers of life and death over the latter group is poisonous.

But instead of repudiating such a deadly philosophy and set of values, the way we have with fascism and militant Islam, the fools of the West have embraced the selfish, hyper-individualistic, post-Enlightenment package that expresses itself in the extreme forms of feminism and sexual revolutionism that create ludicrous abstractions to justify the murder of innocent human beings.

Abortion as an expression of unfettered individualism; or the supposedly indisputable exercise of supreme, autonomous female rights; or the glory of the revolution that announced a new era of sex-free-of-biological-and social-consequences – is utterly reprehensible. All of these are hideous mutations, of the legitimate rights and freedoms of some, into tyrannical monstrosities that attack and devour a more fundamental right of others.

The freedom to choose the course of your life, make decisions about your health, body and sexual relationships are all contingent on the right of members of the human race to be recognised as persons of value whose lives must be afforded the full protection of the law. If you support the stripping of that fundamental right from others simply to advance the degree to which some of us may enjoy the secondary, contingent right – you are supporting a great evil.

Have all the freedom you want; Exercise all the rights you want; Use your body however you want (as far as the law is concerned) – to the extent that your enjoyment of these things does not become a basis for the destruction of human life. Supporting the killing of human babies so that you can live out your dream of sexual, self-actualisation or so ethically-challenged doctors can apply for what they’ve mistakenly thought was a job vacancy for divine arbitrator over life and death – is simply wrong.

Contemporary attitudes to abortion contravene the theological conviction that all humans are created in the image of God and thus have intrinsic dignity, value and essential equality of personhood. It defies the truism that “All men are created equal” that has stood behind so much positive change in society in the past few centuries. It invalidates the West’s commitment to humanism, by loosening the meaning of what it means to be authentically human with all the associated rights. It is gangrenous to the Western principles of justice – as no legal system can retain its integrity while it affirms the unjustified deprivation of such a fundamental right from some subjects or citizens.

Our societies look back with deep regret on the days when they regarded the Black Man as a subhuman, n****r, more suited to slavery than citizenship; or as uncivilised natives – somewhere between real people and livestock when it came to the census. But while the N-word is heard less often than the F-word in 21st century society due to its highly offensive nature – it’s fine to speak of unborn human beings as a “lump of cells” with relative impunity.
Proponents of abortion may as well use a phrase like “pigger” (from “pink” and “n****r”) – because they are using words to dehumanise babies in much the same way that whites justified their mistreatment of black people by using dehumanising terms to describe them (plus, “pigger” sounds like “pig” which fits the narrative that they’re not talking about a real human here).

Our societies look back on the regimes of the Ottoman Turks, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot with horror over their utter disregard for human rights in their pursuit of order and reform as they created their ‘ideal societies.’ But for all the trumpeting of human rights and shouting “never again” to such atrocities – we tolerate and even embrace ideological premises that produce the same kind of evil. Real human beings are being exterminated in a misguided quest to “get rid of the problem” and make society better.

Whether or not future societies look back on our acquiescence to evil with the same contempt we often hold for previous generations is of secondary concern. Far more important is that we stop this evil as soon as possible and expose it for the hideous  package of murder and lies that it is. Because even if future generations are forgiving towards our societal tolerance and promotion of evil – the Almighty God will not forgive Australia and other nations for this evil unless we acknowledge it for what it is, ensure it ceases and plead for His mercy. Because the Lord-who-gives-Life’s judgement of this violent extremism will be a thousand times worse than that of historians.


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